Welcome my Hardcore Mia (Resort) Fans.

Sorry we could not open the (PC) Game sims and carry out the land plans.


 we do use Secondlife (the parallel World) over the same amount of years, since 2009-10 yr.

and We are always evolving as a HQ, studio, and Media.

Our Current Projects are just Honoring the Company i guess.

Its been running itself while i attended college for updates.

Pretty cool and a perk i learned by accident.

I am using my annual updates for Teaching, Future Life Coaching, and More Media upgrades.

Help yourself to our extra resource links, New Pages, and update info. 

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LDM and Mia Studios

Leslie M Moore/China/Goddess

May 2016

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✿Teaching Preferences

-Online Teaching

1. One-on-One at $20-30 per hour

2. Group Teaching at More than $100 per hour

-In Person Teaching

1. One-on-One at $70-100 per hour

2. Group Teaching at More than $100 per hour

✿Offers free trial classes

Holistic Accredited & Certified. ISO 9001-2008/Teaching

Broadcast Rep: Self-Acclaimed, Former (itunes podcast) Radio Personality, Yoga Instructor, Holistic Practitioner-(ND/Yoga Therapy non Medical)

✿2015 Classes are Private. See Promo listings for Classrooms.

✿Career History and Development: The Headquarters,Love and Divinity in Motion (LDM); {Founder Leslie 'Michelle' Moore} became a podcast radio in 2008-2010 for itunes. Most of the fans were Europe and Asia only, until recently; USA via Reverbnation. In 2009, The Beatz were developed under Alter ego Yogi Goddess, a branch of Middle name; Michelle.

✿Y.G. is another ego & department of LDM for Music and Related projects. YG is designed for special work shifts and 3D Studios. As a Company, almost Corp in Divisions; LDM and YG are listed in several social networks and blogging news.

✿LDM Film Productions;

Is a Division of LDM Digital Studios. Hosted by Love and Divinity In Motion Inc, HQ. LDM Digital Studios; hosts all of our Digital Art Projects over the last couple of years.

-General Partnership Upgrade/HQ-

✿Insatiable Film Studio; A New Division of LDM Inc, LDM Film Productions. Founded by Love and Divinity & Mia Jonita. Insatiable was Created week of Jan 23th, 2014. New Machinima Short Film Animation Division. Any Digital films featuring, animation art; are apart of the Insatiable Resume. Insatiable is the first dept of LDM Film Productions. Admin: Yogi Goddess, Chinastar

✿All Art Media varies and range from PG to Mature.

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Department Bio: Certified Instructor/Practitioner, Socialite, Internet Celebrity, Music Producer/Beatz/Vodcast Soundtracks, Podcast/Vodcast Personality.



We are listed in Twitter for Random news, comments, moods, and daily agendas. U are free to tag along and join.

http://twitter.com/miajonitaresort (Mia Tech and 3D Topics)

http://twitter.com/wildcard33 (YG Private Twitter)

http://twitter.com/OnlineDrLeZ (Oldest Twitter, LDM/SLE/YG)