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July 2015 updates

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a non social update.

For  EDU  or  Serious adult eStudents only. 


caution-(often we have people in social or fb abuse whats missing or currently listed. the problem is, everything cannot be listed in the social format, thats not its purpose.)

LDM Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Disclaimer:

Finally, LDM will begin to use traditional CEU, based on our accreditation resume Below.
This will apply to only our new online classes, new programs,
or revised online classes, or revised published or live programs.
Continuing Education Units (CEU) represents any non-credit continuing education program.
One Continuing Education Unit (1.0) equals 10 participation hours under instruction.
CEU is common for any professional seeking specific number of CEUs annually for relicensure.
It is still,
upon one's employer or organization to decide, approve, or honor the CEU from our Distance EDU format.

Job Advisory:  We strongly advise, you gain your employer or organizations permission first, before registering.
If any of our CEU courses are for your own personal well being or professional resume update,
then you are exempt from the advisory above.


Dr Leslie M Moore.
LDM Regional Campus, LDM Inc.
Spring term 2011.

school accreditation current:

Certified and Accredited with:

Entity Backdrop:

1. The American Council of Holistic Healers is an organization founded to serve the growing needs of the holistic health industry.  
They provide independent professional certification services to those who qualify.

2. Michigan Department of Education,
   Section: Non Public, Home School, Private School.

   Michigan Teacher Certification: Adult Instruction, Adult Education, *Ages 18 plus.

3. Awards: Chapter: Beta Gamma Epsilon, Honors Society: Phi Theta Kappa,
           National Deans List,
           Nominated for The International Scholar Laureate Program Delegation on Business.

-Love and Divinity In Motion Inc., Headquarters. (LDM) Founded in 2005.


✿Teaching Preferences
-Online Teaching
1. One-on-One at $20-30 per hour
2. Group Teaching at More than $100 per hour
-In Person Teaching
1. One-on-One at $70-100 per hour
2. Group Teaching at More than $100 per hour
✿Offers free trial classes

Holistic Accredited & Certified. ISO 9001-2008/Teaching
Broadcast Rep: Self-Acclaimed, Former (itunes podcast) Radio Personality, Yoga Instructor, Holistic Practitioner-(ND/Yoga Therapy non Medical)
✿2015 Classes are Private. See Promo listings for Classrooms.

✿Career History and Development: The Headquarters,Love and Divinity in Motion (LDM); {Founder Leslie 'Michelle' Moore} became a podcast radio in 2008-2010 for itunes. Most of the fans were Europe and Asia only, until recently; USA via Reverbnation. In 2009, The Beatz were developed under Alter ego Yogi Goddess, a branch of Middle name; Michelle.

✿Y.G. is another ego & department of LDM for Music and Related projects. YG is designed for special work shifts and 3D Studios. As a Company, almost Corp in Divisions; LDM and YG are listed in several social networks and blogging news.

✿LDM Film Productions;
Is a Division of LDM Digital Studios. Hosted by Love and Divinity In Motion Inc, HQ. LDM Digital Studios; hosts all of our Digital Art Projects over the last couple of years.

-General Partnership Upgrade/HQ-
✿Insatiable Film Studio; A New Division of LDM Inc, LDM Film Productions. Founded by Love and Divinity & Mia Jonita. Insatiable was Created week of Jan 23th, 2014. New Machinima Short Film Animation Division. Any Digital films featuring, animation art; are apart of the Insatiable Resume. Insatiable is the first dept of LDM Film Productions. Admin: Yogi Goddess, Chinastar

✿All Art Media varies and range from PG to Mature.

Leslie M Moore Tech II

Trained under: S.Moore, Senior Tech/Cisco.

Department: Mia Jonita Gaming

Tech Resume/Skill Development: NETWORK ENGINEER/Entry Level TECHNICIAN Technical Expertise the Mia Jonita Tech Exp./Rough Draft 1. Network Consultant/Network Engineer/virtual World Training a. support WAN / LAN network b. Platforms: Desktop Workstations Management running Windows 2000/Soon Vista, c. Understanding DNS Servers d. understanding troubleshooting network techniques e. Hardware: Administration of Netgear Router and Microsoft and PC Firewall types. f. Basic to intermeditate knowledge and experience in TCP/IP g. Basic Virtual Private Networking, h. set up and management of local to performance server.

4/26/2015 Home Office, Detroit LDM, Mia Jonita Resorts